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How To Stay Healthy At Work

Part 2 of 2 - Work Type Tips

Restaurant Work
Working in a restaurant means you are around people every day. You serve their food, or make their food, which means your hands come in constant contact with others. This means that it is easy for you to spread and receive germs! Here are some tips to keep you healthy long term if you work in a restaurant.

Wash, wash and wash! Consider putting signs up near all kitchen sinks and in employee bathrooms reminding fellow employees about the importance of hand washing.

Don't come to work sick! Ever. This is crucial in all work places, but even more so in the food industry.

Wear gloves. Most restaurants require this, but if yours doesn't consider wearing them anyway. This keeps your hands clean, which means fewer chances of spreading or receiving germs.

Retail Jobs
During the holidays and in busy seasons those in retail will be required to work longer hours and will probably be on their feet a lot. Here are some tips to keep you healthy long term if you work in retail.

Make sure you get your breaks! Rest is crucial for staying healthy and no matter how busy you are, be sure to get your state mandated breaks.

Stay hydrated! Consider a refillable water bottle and keep it with you if possible. Staying hydrated is crucial for good health and being on your feet and active will mean you need more fluids than normal.

Keep hand sanitizer on you. This will keep your hands clean, and will be a big help since you may not be able to go wash your hands regularly.

Work from Home Jobs
When you work from home, you are essentially your own boss. This may be a good thing, but if you are a workaholic, or someone who tends to say sedentary it may not be such a benefit. Here are some tips to keep you healthy long term if you work from home.

Get moving! Just because you are home that does not mean you can't take breaks to move around. Staying active will decrease your risk of obesity, which means less sicknesses overall.

Sanity breaks are a must! Consider a 5 minute break for every 30 minutes of work. This could be time to check FB, your personal email, walk around or snack on some fruit.

Choose healthy snacks and drinks! This is difficult when you are working from home and not really accountable to anyone. But, it is so important! Keep healthy snacks on tab for those moments when you are hungry and really craving the chocolate. Be sure you also drink plenty of water!

No matter where you work, you want to stay happy and healthy. Staying healthy begins with YOU! Yes, we want to make a pay check, and want to be a reliable employee, but when you don't take care of yourself, you are not really giving your best.

Remember that this cold and flu season. Be diligent about hand washing, get your flu vaccine, avoid those who are sick and stay hydrated! Remember that year round. Take the time to exercise, rest, and eat healthy. Be the best you can be by staying healthy and happy both in and outside the workplace!

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