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Food Help For Individuals and Families

Getting Started
Welcome to FoodHelpUSA! We are thrilled to have you as a member. The US Government spends billions of dollars every year on food assistance services for those in need. This includes programs for lower income individuals and families, new mothers and single parents, and perhaps most importantly, our children.

Food assistance is a large and important subject that encompasses a variety of issues. To manage this scope, we have arranged FoodHelpUSA in the following categories: Government Food Benefits where you can learn about programs like SNAP, WIC, Child Food Programs and more, Coupons where you can discover ways to save on household food necessities, Health & Nutrition which covers everything from weight loss to keeping your home germ free, and Emergency Food Help where you can quickly search for your local food pantries and food banks.

Know Your Options and Learn What's Right For You
Below you'll find helpful links to our guides and articles. You'll learn the eligibility, registration and application requirements for food help programs, receive excellent tips for staying healthy and improving you and your family's nutrition, as well as gain access to our emergency food help database. You'll also have the opportunity to take advantage of some truly helpful coupon deals from our trusted partners.

Government Food Program Guides and Articles
If you or your family are struggling with food costs, require assistance for your children or are having a hard time finding a warm meal this is an excellent place to start. The US government offers a number of programs intended to provide money and assistance for food and nutrition help.

SNAP Food Stamp Info - The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also called food stamps, provides aid to help low-income American families get adequate food. Learn how this vital program works and how you can get help.

WIC (Women, Infants, Children) Benefit Information - If you are a new or expecting mom, or the parent of a young child, you may be interested in learning more about a benefit program created specifically for you. WIC is designed to provide families with healthy foods at no cost. Click here to learn more about all of the extensive WIC benefits.

Child Food Programs - Children need good nutrition, especially on school days, but many parents are under too much time and money pressure to provide it. These school and community-based feeding programs step in to provide the healthy meals that kids need to support physical, mental, and emotional development!

Head Start Program - Head Start programs strive to support the social, mental and emotional development of children from birth to age five. They also provide programs for families that include health, nutrition, social education and other services. The goal of Head Start is to improve families. They do this by encouraging relationships that support a family's well-being and building a positive parent-child relationship.

Save money on your favorite products and brands!

Coupons & Freebies – Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Thousands of companies offer discounted and even free merchandise every day. Knowing how to find and use these deals can save you big money!

Health & Nutrition
A fun, thoughtful and comprehensive look at everyday health and nutrition issues for real individuals and families.

Best Weight Loss Programs – There are thousands of weight loss programs out there, many of them promising extravagant and rapid results. What works? We cut through the hype and review some top rated weight loss options.

My Child Is Fat! – Parents worry when their children are underweight or overweight, and they should. While not all children that seem thin or heavy are unhealthy, these conditions can be a sign of serious health issues. In most cases, simple adjustments to diet and exercise habits solve the problem!

Healthiest Fast Food Meals - Fast food may not be the healthiest option, but almost all of us find ourselves ordering at a fast food counter at some point. Knowing the healthiest choices on the menu can get us out without breaking our diets!

Eat Healthy On A Budget - Our food choices have a major impact on our finances and our health. Eathing healthy food on a tight budget takes planning and discipline, but saving money and gaining health are worth the effort.

Most Popular Diets - With so many diets to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article we explore some of the most popular current diets, discuss their pros and cons and what you can actually eat. Be healthy, happy and still well fed. Learn which diet is best for you!

Keep Your Home Germ Free - Most germs won't hurt you, but how can you get rid of the germs that make you sick? By following this general advice for each room of your house you can play a role in keeping nasty colds, flus and other common bugs out of your house and away from your children. Keep your home the castle it should be!

How To Stay Healthy At Work - Discover simple and straight forward ways to stay healthy and happy in the workplace. No matter if you work in an office, in the service industry or in retail, review these essential tips and best practices.

Help For Diabetics - Being diagnosed with diabetes is life changing and, in most cases, overwhelming. With diabetes being as prevalent as it's become, people of all ages are being newly diagnosed every day. In this article we aim to help both the newly diagnosed and the longtime sufferer.

Children's Vitamins Information - Vitamins and minerals promote healthy growth and development in children. But how do you know which are right for your child?

Pack Lunches for Health and Savings - If you're looking for affordable ways to provide more nutritious meals for yourself and your children, consider returning to the old school brown bag lunch.

Emergency Food Help
Our food help database is a collection of food banks, pantries and soup kitchens across the country. You will be able to search by your zip code to find available emergency food resources near you. Click Here to Find Yours Now!

Every Family Deserves Food On the Table
We truly hope that you find significant benefits in reviewing these guides, resources and articles. Your health is your wealth, not your bank account.

No person in America should be denied food and certainly no one should be starving. Yet there are those amongst us that are. No parent should have to struggle with the guilt of being unable to provide daily meals for their children. Yet there are those amongst us that are.

Only by banding together, doing the necessary research and getting involved can you help to conquer the food crisis. And for those amongst that are hungry and unable to eat it is very much a crisis. We heartedly wish you the best on your journey in finding the assistance you need.

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