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Most Popular Diets

Part 1 of 2 - Getting Started

Getting Started
If you're like many Americans, whenever a holiday or big event is approaching, or perhaps triggered by the change of seasons, health concerns or a new love interest, we start considering our body, our weight and the goal of decreasing. Regardless of the reason it's a goal many of us share: to lose weight and get healthy!

But how do you know which diets work there being so many to choose from? How do you know which diet will fit your needs and allow you to decrease while not going crazy? In this article we are going to take a look at some of the most popular diets and the different types of dieters they best serve. Our goal by this article's end is to lead you to the right diet plan for you!

Popular Diets
There are many different popular diets out there right now. You see them on the TV, in the magazines and discuss them from time to time with friends. We are going to take a look at three of the most popular.

The paleo diet is not really a diet but a shift in the way one eats. It's based on our "hunter-gatherer" ancestors and includes foods that they would have eaten. The reason being that evidence has found hunter-gatherers to be tall, strong and healthy. They tended to live long lives free of civilized diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer.

A paleo diet consists mostly of vegetables, fruits, and grass fed meat, wild fish and seafood,with nuts and seeds in moderation. Those on the paleo diet tend to avoid foods like grains, sugar, and dairy.

The basic idea behind the paleo diet is to eat things our bodies can digest easily and nourish us fully. Benefits include a healthier diet, potential weight loss, and perfect for lovers of red meat. Cons include that it can be pricey, no dairy which is bad for the bones, and less grains which which contribute to "feeling full".

For more information check out

The High Fat
Similar to the Atkins diet, the High Fat Diet has a goal of stabilizing your insulin levels by ditching carbs and sugar, and switching your body into ketosis, which is fat burning mode.

While you are allowed to eat foods with high fat, your meals must also be carefully planned out. Ratios should include meat, fish, cheese or eggs, but also foods like avocados, macadamia nuts and walnuts. You can also have small portions of white and green vegetables. Foods to avoid on the high fat diet include carbs, fruit and many vegetables.

The pros to this diet can include quick weight loss and filling foods. The cons are prep time for meals and difficulty eating out. For more information check out the book The High Fat Diet: How to Lose 10 lb in 14 Days

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